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Advanced Test




1 Mrs. Green __________ Tom’s progress in Maths that term.

2 There was a wonderful ski ________ way up in the mountains, suitable for the whole family.

3 She was _________ an array of questions during the interview.

4 The New World _____________ by five European countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Holland and England.

5 Don’t believe John – there’s not a _________ of truth in what he says!

6 The government has decided to cut __________ on funding for education.

7 Let’s not try and _________ the wheel here; a simple leaflet with a photograph will be fine.

8 Jenny was completely ________ in her work and could not be distracted.

9 Mary is not very bright and has to work a lot to _________ up with the rest of the class.

10 I don’t believe you really met Eddie Murphy; you’re _________ me on!

11 Sue felt her boss was always picking _________ her and blaming her unfairly.

12 He was ________ with embezzlement and sentenced to three years in prison.

13 ________ had we sold out our stock when the markets crashed.

14 We are trying to reach a conclusion without examining the evidence first; we’re putting the cart before the __________.

15 You need to _______ experience before you can be considered for promotion.

16 There is __________ coverage of the World Cup Final on all major sports channels.

17 When the two teams ran onto the football ________ the crowd cheered.

18 All the classroom windows were broken, but nobody knew who the _____ was.

19 The policeman _________ me off with a warning as it was Christmas.

20 The crowd _________ in disagreement as the politician left the platform.

21 John was _________ something under his breath, but I didn´t catch what he said.

22 Sally was sitting by the sea, __________ at the shape of the distant island.

23 Steve won the match against all_________ .

24 I need _______ facts to prove your case, not just suppositions and accusations.

25 Lynn was ________ disappointed by their reaction.



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